1. Once you get an email contains a review request by editor, please click on URL under “Submission URL” . Kindly please pay attention the due date of review

    Figure 1

  2. A review page will open. please read the manuscript's title, and abstract as shown in Figure 2 No. (1). If you want to read the paper, go to No. (4) and download it. Look at No. (2). It is the due date of your review.


    Figure 2

  3. Choose an option ( Figure 2 No.(3)):
    • "will do the review” if you willing to review the submission
    • "unable to do the review” if you found that the paper is out of your expertise, you have no time to review, etc.

    you will be directed to “send email” page. If you agree to review, just click “Send”. But, if you unable to review, kindly please give your reason and then click “Send”.

    The next steps are only for reviewers who agree to do further review.

  4. Download and read submission manuscript (Figure 2 No.(4). To give your comments/suggestion, please click link No.5 and a new page contains review form will open.

    You can also leave comments/suggestions directly on the manuscript. If you do so, please re-upload the manuscript (No.(6)).

    If needed, you are allowed to give links or related literature to help authors in improving the quality of  publication.

  5. Leave a recommendation about manuscript by choosing one of the options below (No. (7)).
    • Accept the submission. If the manuscript does not require revision.
    • Revision required. If you choose this option,  revised version of manuscript (by author) will not be returned to you to be re-investigated.
    • Resubmit for review. By choosing this option, the revised manuscript (by author) will be returned to you for second round of review.
    • Resubmit elsewhere. this option is selected when you want to suggest author(s) to resubmit manuscript to a better suited journals (other than bpostel). You have to mention the name of Journal and the url (if any) clearly.
    • Decline Submission. If the submission is ineligible to be published on BPostel.
    • See the comments. if you are only willing to provide comments or suggestions and leave the decision to the editor.
  6. Click “Submit Review To Editor” button.



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